Are your sales inconsistent?

At AUTHENTIC, we create simple sales stragtegies, go to market plans and sales coaching materials that stabilize and grow sales.

AUTHENTIC.  Selling for the real world.


Do your salespeople know their numbers?  In our experience, very few salespeople know how their daily activity relates to their sales pipeline and, ultimately, their revenues and margins.  

AUTHENTIC analyzes sales data and work patterns to build metrics and processes that inspire growth and maximize time spent on great prospects.



As obsessed as you are, as much as you want to succeed, if you're not disciplined it doesn't work. - Steve Schiffman


Sales up one month and down the next? Finding it difficult to predict sales results? Wasting energy trying to book sales at the last minute?


With decades of experience, AUTHENTIC understands the root causes of missed forecasts and will train your salesforce to eliminate most forecasting errors and minimize the impact of difficult customers.


The day I got lucky was the day I stopped believing in luck. - Parker Garlitz


Do you look to resllers or independent agents for growth? The right partners in your sales channel can deliver solid, profitable, and repeatable sales results.  

With real-world channel experience, AUTHENTIC can find the right fit for your product. The right channel strategy will multiply your efforts and transform your sales group into a powerful growth engine.


You can't do it all yourself.  You have to form alliances. - Carlos Slim


Do your sales materials and proposals delight your prospects?  Do they tell your story in compelling fashion?  

The right messsage makes all the difference. AUTHENTIC has created hundreds of presentations and proposals customers.  We craft communications that make your message stand out. 


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It is not the voice that commands the story; it is the ear. -- Italo Calvino